Letter to Microsoft Windows Store users

Dear users,

Back in September 2016, we launched the Plutocalc Water app on Windows Store for Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. After four years of service, we are discontinuing support for Plutocalc in the Microsoft Windows App Store.

From January 2020 the app will no longer be available for download through the Windows Store.

If you already have the app installed, you can continue to use the app on your phone or desktop. However please be aware there will be no future updates.

We don't take discontinuing services lightly and Windows continues to be an important platform for our users. However, after a series of problems with the Windows Store platform including but not limited to:

Plutocalc remains available for Windows users with regulary updated online and offline versions.

The offline version also known as "HTML version" can run in any computing platform, from mobile phones to Linux, MacOS and virtually all Windows versions. The HTML version requires no installation, no executables, no authentication, login or passwords. All alternative versions can be obtained for free at www.plutocalc.com

Windows Store users who purchased Plutocalc Plus version please send a copy of the proof of purchase (confirmation e-mail, store screenshot, etc...) to [email protected].com to receive your copy of Plutocalc Plus as an offline HTML package.

Best Regards,

Plutocalc Water development team